GASHAPON BANDAI OFFICIAL SHOP is a GASHAPON® dedicated capsule collectable shop featuring many of Bandai’s latest products. Here you will meet some of your favourite Japanese characters, and discover an array of on trend miniature collectables!

What is GASHAPON®?

GASHAPON® is BANDAI’s miniature capsule collectables and vending machines. The name is a combination of the “clunk (gasha)” sound made when the handle is turned, and how the capsule “pops (pon)” out of the machine.

So make a wish and turn the handle!

How to play GASHAPON®

Turn the handle and start your journey!

Take a look at our how to play video!

New Gashapon Bandai Official Shop opening!

We are pleased to announce a new Gashapon Bandai Official Shop will be opening in November 2023 in Victoria Place, London

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